Hanging on to the bad and the ugly…where is the good?

For crap’s sake, there’s been no gymming in my life for days. And when there is no gymming, there is no slimming. So I have very little to update here, but ironically, I feel more guilty for neglecting my blog than I do my body. Thereinlies the problem, folks!

I’ve shopped for my salad fixins’ for the week and have so far enjoyed one lovely salad. Still battling the snacking demon inside me.

I saw some pictures of myself from a couple of weeks ago and was horrified. I just don’t see the same thing in the mirror. Isn’t that funny? Not that I see a pretty, skinny girl…but I don’t see the flabby, bloated thing in the pictures. The day I completely reconcile the two is the day I will truly embrace a better lifestyle. Still looking for that day.


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