The dog days are over

So I finally, FINALLY went back to the gym yesterday. It was a pitiful workout, but I went…and that was the biggest hurdle of them all. While I only did 20 minutes on the treadmill, I thought intensely about this blog, about my weight, and about my sedentary life. It doesn’t seem sedentary…I mean, I’m busy all the time! But busy in front of my laptop or busy drinking wine with my girlfriends (which I cherish and will never give up) is still sedentary. In fact, I’m coining the term “Sedentary Chaos” as a descriptor for my life. It captures it perfectly, and if you zoom in on the word “Sedentary”, you’ll understand why my ass is so large.

As summer settles upon us, I am ready to begin consuming salads with gusto. Normally, this would cause melancholy and defeat; salads only taste good to me when someone else (aka, a restaurant) makes them for me. BUT. I have discovered, via my friend who I’ll call “P”, the wondrous world of flavored balsamic vinegars that recently made a homemade salad sing. Not only did it sing, but it broke out into a dance routine that was exceptionally enjoyable. This is how I’ll be salading from here on out.

So between gymming and salading (and I mean solid salads with veggie variety and grilled chicken), something has got to give. Hopefully in the form of pounds.


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