Giving birth to TGIC

So, I started this blog 2 days ago, focusing on weight loss. Well, I haven’t hit the gym yet…BUT…I have tried to take ownership over the food I eat and the drinks I imbibe. I can’t tell you if an ounce of me has changed on the scale…but there is both shame and pride when you truly understand what you eat and drink. It’s like policing myself…without consequence for now, other than occasional twinges of shame. And for me, shame goes a long way…


In the interim, I’ve decided to take on a new challenge. I’m calling it TGIC- Thank goodness I coupon! My goal is to put my couponing/sale-watching skills to work by gathering toiletries, cleaning products, and non-perishable foods for either free or cheap. Six months from today will be December 10, 2011, I plan on donating this stockpile to, a domestic violence non-profit here in Greenville, SC. I’m hoping to recruit some friends for help…either way, it will be challenging, rewarding, and hopefully inexpensive, yet limitlessly effective. I started today by going through my own stockpile:

I’m hoping that while I lose part of myself (weight), I will concurrently gain additional purpose and self-worth. I feel like I’ve been lacking both for quite some time now.


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